We've just released Shake to all users and we are getting a few reports (9 reports from 5 users) saying that the feedback form (Shake UI) is appearing without reason. I've analyzed the activity history for all reports and they have the same behaviour: we can see 'Shake: Device shaked' and then 'Shake was invoked and closed without submitting feedback' is logged with less than 1 second between two calls. These two messages appear several times in the activity history and users are complaining that they can't use our app.
I'd list to ask a few questions:
  • Are there known issues with the Shake gesture in certain devices/OS versions?
  • Is it possible to register a callback to notify us when Shake was invoked using the gesture (we could use it to disable the gesture for certain users)?
  • Is there a recomendation to add a UI setting to disable Shake gesture?