The SDK is using
, which is causing compilation warnings in AGP 7.0.0-beta01. Migrating to
would silence the issue, and shouldn't cause any issues on your end.
It is admittedly just a warning which can be safely ignored due to the content of the lib, but it would be great to move away from
Error message:
Your project has set `android.useAndroidX=true`, but configuration `debugRuntimeClasspath` still contains legacy support libraries, which may cause runtime issues.
This behavior will not be allowed in Android Gradle plugin 8.0.
Please use only AndroidX dependencies or set `android.enableJetifier=true` in the `` file to migrate your project to AndroidX (see for more info).
The following legacy support libraries are detected:
debugRuntimeClasspath -> com.shakebugs:shake:14.2.0 ->