Using Flutter
I may be misunderstanding the functionality of "quickFacts". The docs for iOS and Flutter appear to be slightly different, and I am not sure if "quickFacts" is a single value or a name/value pair (Map in Flutter) with the name as a key, thereby allowing multiple quick facts.
In my app initialization I use [setShakeReportData] to set "quickFacts" to data that I want to have included with user-generated bugs e.g. user ID, tenant ID, etc.
Additionally, I am tracking app-generated bugs using [silentReport], and for these bugs I want to add "quickFacts" different from -or- in addition to the ones set via [setShakeReportData].
The issue I am experiencing is that [setShakeReportData] will NOT pass the "quickFacts" I am setting, to the web dashboard - they remain the ones from [setShakeReportData]. I have even tried setting [setShakeReportData] to null before calling [silentReport], however, it does not work. If I use the "quickFacts" via [setShakeReportData] BEFORE [silentReport] I do get the correct data in the web dashboard.
It would be useful to have the "quickFacts" set via [silentReport] be added to -or- replace the ones set via [setShakeReportData].